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Looking for New closeouts and overstock merchanidse?

interested in purchasing merchandise by the case?

in different categories, such as toys, tools, housewares, cosmetics and much more?

Contact us today to review our case goods lists (csv files).

Here's your checklist:

  1. Closeouts World sells new merchandise.
  2. We at Closeouts World deals with nationwide department.
  3. Know that we deal with brand name merchandise.
  4. Save money with us, we sells closeouts at pennies on the dollar.
  5. If you need help we will help with freight or export of anything.
  • TGT Clothing: All Overstock! Many styles, sizes and brands. Choose Summer/Spring or Fall/Winter or mixed seasons. 500 pcs minimum. $2.25 each! $1.75 by container/truck.
  • New Brand Name Sneakers (Package 4): 6 brands – Puma, Fila, RBX, Osiris, Coogi and US Polo. $15.99/pair
    Call for volume discounts.
  • Brand Name Cosmetics: Brands like Maybelline, Sally, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Revlon, Almay. New Stock. Starting at $1.49
  • Mixed Dept. Store – Mixed Men, Women, Children Clothing: Brand Name Shelf Pulls and store returns. Shirts, pants, dresses, skirts and more. Many styles, name brands and sizes. Stores such as TGT, WLMT, Macys and more ! A low $1.25 each. 500 pcs minimum. Truckload or container price A low $.90 each.
  • Soft Toys (Plush): $199 per pallet. SHIPS FROM FL. 3 Pallet minimum.
  • JCP Mixed Bedding: Overstock and Store Returns Domestics. These great loads may contain comforters, pillows, bedspreads, sheets, shams, quilts, linens, rugs and more. $349/pallet. $299 per pallet by truckload. SHIPS FROM OH.
  • New Drug Store Pallets: Surplus Cleaning Products, Cosmetics, HBA (Soaps, Shampoos,
    Lotions), Hair Care and more. A super $895 per pallet. 2 pallet minimum. Approximately 600-800 units per pallet.
  • WMT.COM Loads: $6,499 pallets
  • Paper Pallets: Toilet paper, Kleenex, diapers, paper towels, feminine, paper plates, etc. Great loads. All overstock items, mostly in original cases. $499 per pallet. 2 pallet minimum. Approximately 300-400 units per pallet. SHIPS FROM FL, TX, CA.
  • Men and Woman Fragrances: Choose from men, woman, or mixed: Starting at $2.99 each

New AMZ Shoe Loads

Request more information. Freight controlled.  Unmanifested. 

Quantity: 24 tall pallets 

Freight controlled Truckloads

Condition: Online returns and overstock. Very clean loads. Not manifested. 24 pallets. Prices as low as $8,995 per truckload. Amz Smalls and Mediums available weekly. From OH, KY, MO.

AMZ Dotcom Furniture Truckload

New product, box damage, minimal returns. 

High value inventory. Different FOB points available. Please request more info. 

Not manifested. 

KHLS Domestics

Overstock and Store Returns Domestics. These great loads may contain comforters, pillows, bedspreads, sheets, towels, rugs, drapery, shower curtains, shams, quilts, linens, rugs and more. $325 per pallet. Sold by 12-pallet lots or take a truckload at a discounted rate 48 pallets per truck. Request a manifest! SHIPS FROM OH/NV.

WLMT Dotcom Furniture and General Merchandise Loads

Very clean loads. We have furniture and general merchandise loads available weekly. Very clean loads. Place your orders today. Available daily. Actual pallet pics attached from previous orders.

General Merchandise: Loads consist or electronics, housewares, sporting goods, toys, baby merchandise, and so much more!

Furniture Loads: Consist of sofas, dinning sets, bedroom furniture, TV stands, book shelves, and much more!

Price: $5,999 per load

Ships from TX; SC, NY, IN, NV.

Closeouts By The Case

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Call us today for more information on our product list and what items we have in stock! Items and stock can change on the daily so call back often for updated information. 

Overstock By The Pallet


Order a truckload of the same items or build your truckload! Do you want a full truckload of furniture, food or general merchandise? Do you want the truckload divided into 26 different pallets? No problem! Call us for details.

Surplus By The Pallet


We offer: Tools, toys, art, bath and bed, housewares, clothing, shoes, electronics, HBA, baby items, drugstore items, handbags, gifts, office supplies, pet products, dollar store items, and much more. 

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